UK Ltd Company Accounts Spread Sheet set using Std or Flat rate Vat system.

This business excel spread sheet set is what I use to support a non manufacturing single employee Ltd service business and to create its year end Balance sheet. I cannot guarantee that its use will be adequate for all users, who may freely download this package, and therefore I cannot accept any responsibilities for its use. The main xls file is compressed as a Win 7 zipped file and it contains two macros which track bank balance and director loan account. On opening the file in excel an option to disable macro's is displayed. This will render the two programs inactive if that is selected.

Flat rate vat system businesses charge vat as a special HMRC percentage of sales but the expenses will always be vat inclusive. If you are starting a business from scratch you will need to add the necssary entries. Businesses already running, should input capital equipment purchases for the year they were acquired and depreciate them as you consider appropiate. My own business experience relates to that of the 1990's but this package has been put together to support family enterprises in recent years. Always check the HMRC web site for up to date changes in the application of rules and taxation rates.