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Self made GRP Sloop

by Max Cottrell

140 pages complete with drawings and GRP lay up details.



This book describes some family sailing adventures made on San Francisco Bay in California and on Liverpool Bay, North Wales.

For the novice sailor, there are notes on navigation with practical sailing advice as well as the detailed boat building techniques used.

Included are the details for building and sailing of a trailerable swing keel 24 foot GRP boat. The hull is laid up using glass fibre matt and cloth over a simply constructed and inexpensive mold. The enclosed cabin and decking are fabricated using both fibre glass and plywood. It can be completed in under a year with part time home labour.

Skills needed for boat buiding:

If you can handle wood working tools, use a squeegee and paintbrush and are willing to learn how to lay up glass fibre then you can do it. The book explains what it takes and how to go about it. Then go sailing !

If you are an arm chair sailor, read about sailing on San Francisco and Liverpool Bay, under both the Golden Gate bridge and Telfords Menai Suspension bridge.

Building a GRP Sloop.pdf

Notes from the Author & Video