Lethal voltages are generated from these circuits. Construction by inexperienced individuals is dangerous.

Wind Power Inverter:

The process of development was to create a 230v 50hz clean sine wave from a variable 18v to 56v wind generator output for use with up to approx 750w load. Circuit development is based on a sinusidal pulse width modulated wave driving a bifilar wound ferrite transformer. Regulation feedback signals will support variable loading up to 56v input. A converter takes variations of the supply voltage to create a load variable 34v -50v input for the inverter. Safety features are incorporated to shut down circuit under abnormal conditions such as excessive driver heat sink temperatures or short circuit load conditions. Output sync'ing to 230v 50hz grid input signal is incorporated with current controlled grid tie loading.

This Inverter circuit is freeware for none business use.

Load Switching System:

For best efficiency, this load switcher sequences up to four seperate load switches of varying power having a maximum current of 4 amps per switch and generator voltage of 500 volts. The sequence relies on number one load enabling the next load in the sequence such that the load can be increased gradually without stalling the generator. As generator output falls, loads are disconnected in reverse order allowing the generator to maintain nominal output for the most efficient operation.

This Load Switching circuit is freeware for none business use.