Ancestors Family Tree Software.

Welcome to the Ancestors Family Tree free Software page.

This page offers new or experienced Family History researchers a means of documenting information aquired during a lifetime for the benefit of future generations of their family.

If you want to research your family history and don't know where to start, take a look at the simple example shown on this site which shows part of the Tudor Ancestral Family Tree. Click on the links to see an example Ancestral Tree of Henry VIII and check out the Records & Gallery pages.

With this software you have flexibility to :

* Create up to 26 Ancestral Family Trees.
* Include up to 999 Family members per Ancestral Tree.
* Access Database Records direct from the Ancestral Tree.
* Add in Gallery objects such as Pictures, Video, Audio and Text.
* Import or Export Ancestral Trees you have created for Family members.
* Search & Compare Ancestral Tree Database's.
* Includes comprehensive Help file.
* Free for none commercial use (Download this Free zipped = 4.3Mb)
* Decipher GED files and convert to readable text.(DownLoad this Free zipped = 1.5Mb)

Documented research details are not 'trapped' forever in this software since information can be viewed and modified in the Microsoft Access (TM) database if desired. All Gallery files added are uniquely numbered according to the Family Tree(s) being developed (as explained in the help file) and are accessable by the usual computer means. I wrote this package using VB6 to help document my own history in the year 2000. This is offered as 'freeware' for none commercial use.